Hi, my name is Bill Montgomery and I am the author of "Attacking Adversity."  You can get your copy on  Amazon.

This web site is a place where you can learn about upcoming books, personal appearances, courses based on attacking everything.

Ever since I studied Wing Chung Do I have looked at things from an offensive point of view. Maybe it even goes back to high school football where I played on offense. Whatever the origin I believe it is a solid way to go after anything in life.

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The Book

The only announcement for now is that the web site is continuously, slowly, very slowly being developed.


One of my favorite pastimes is hiking. This picture was taken on Mt. Rainier in the summer of 2016. At this time I was 71 years old. It is my hope to share some other hiking adventures here in the future.

Attacking Adversity is a resource for anyone going through difficult times. It draws on Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind program and Eric Greitens book "Resilience." It is also an account of a difficult time in my life and what I learned from it.